Your supplier in artworks and decoration materials.

"Le Cap d'Art" is a company that propose to companies and individuals to rent artwork to decorate their premises. Our large choice of paintings permitt you to change frequently the face of your premises. With our system of renting paintings, you don't have to invest a lot of money !

You have juste to choose a pack, eventually choosing some paintings and then we take care of everything !

A study* conducted by TNS in late 2010 shows that 53 percent of workers are dissatisfied with the care taken in planning and decorating their premises. However, 72 percent of employees would consider this criterion as realy important in choosing their work. On the other hand, 84 percent of business owners are aware that this criterion is important for their employees. We know you're one of those and we can help you !

*http://www.tns-sofres.com/_assets/files/2010.12.10-bureaux.pdf (The study is written in french)